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It's that time again, folks. Before we start:

  • Have you noticed how you can stick the word "Official" in a thread title even though there is nothing legitimately official about the thread you are making, it makes people assume you know what you're talking about. Weird.
  • Nobody cares how you pronounce gif. That entire argument was dumb and so are you. It's a file extension for graphics interchange format. Science.

You get more points if your gif is Giant Bomb themed. Nobody will be keeping count, but you get to feel warm and fuzzy inside for once in your miserable lives.

Alright chaps, have at it:

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Kinda funny how every gif is just Sony dominating Microsoft. That wasn't my intention when creating this thread.

Can't argue with the gifs, though...

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Disappointed there isn't a "this is sparta" one of the dude from Ryse kicking the guy off the wall.

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@sexytoad: WTF!? Hahahaha. Someone please put Jack Trettons face on the big, black dominator guy.

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@sweep include instructions for the people how to add animated gifs in their posts, this whole clicking to see them is a gigantic pain. @rorie any plans to bring back direct html input for our posts? We've been suffering a step backward in forum technology! Suffering

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@alexander: Uh... all the gifs posted in the thread so far have been posted correctly. Is this still an ongoing issue?

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I had to fix mine. Annoying but managed.

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Was hoping to find at least one gif that wasn't one of these really stupid "sony kills ms" gifs. Guess I shouldn't be surprised, though I am slightly disappointed.

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@sweep: that's strange... some of the gifs weren't animating; clearly my problem, I'd assumed they were uploaded to GB... when did they include adding images via URL in the editor? Must have been recent...

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@amikron said:

Was hoping to find at least one gif that wasn't one of these really stupid "sony kills ms" gifs. Guess I shouldn't be surprised, though I am slightly disappointed.

Aww :'(

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All gifs are working except for the two in the OP. Not even clickable!

Also legendary thread is legendary :D

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I dunno if Persona 4 is technically Giantbomb-related, but I made this one specifically for the GB crowd.

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@sweep said:

"Paid online play?"


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This thread is now over:

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All of this is gold guys

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Jack Tretton literally drops the mic.

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Confirmed: Jack Tretton HATES mics!

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Somewhere, there's an Xbox fanboy absolutely raging at this thread.

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Not quite a GIF but:

Loading Video...

Anyone seen the Forget-Me-Nows?

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@likeassur: Somewhere Jallard is plotting vengeance.

It's the only card MS have left. And it's the most deadly. The Jallard.

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Not really gaming related, but I think I know what's behind the equipment theft...


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@zaph: First, you drag that gif. Second, you drop that gif.


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that 'airplane' .gif is the best.