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Poll: Are you getting EarthBound? (133 votes)

Yes! 29%
I would if I owned a WiiU 46%
Is that game based on a SuperSmash Brothers character? 5%
No 20%

So, looks like Nintendo is putting earthbound out on the WiiU Virtual Console today. To all five WiiU users: who is getting it? I'll definitely buy it day one once I get the system. Anyone here own a SNES cart?

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Ooh, that's today? Nice!

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I have the GBA version (the Japanese Mother 1+2 cart) but I'd totally get it on WiiU if I had one. I'm not getting a WiiU just for Earthbound though. I musn't, it's crazy. I might. No!

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I would buy Mother 3 but not Earthbound

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@animasta said:

I would buy Mother 3 but not Earthbound

Switch those around, and that's what I'd say, at least if I had a Wii U.

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I still own a SNES copy of Earthbound but I also bought a Wii U so I might as well support their decision to put it out.

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Did they change the music?

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@animasta said:

I would buy Mother 3 but not Earthbound

Switch those around, and that's what I'd say, at least if I had a Wii U.

mother 3 is a way superior game yo D:

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I have absolutely no fondness for this game like so many others. Probably because I never played it when it came out.

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@august said:

Did they change the music?

This was my question. I own a cart, though the Wii U would be more convenient than my SNES. Still, any music changes would be unforgivable.

Thankfully, the most important piece of music has been in every Animal Crossing game, so I'm sure they didn't change that, but I'm hoping most of the rest wasn't changed.

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I'll be buying as soon as I get home from work. I haven't heard anything about music changes. As far as I know, the ROM is untouched.

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I wish this was getting a 3DS release. No idea why they wouldn't make it available on both platforms - aside from attempting to entice more people to buy a Wii U.

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I still have the SNES game.

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Played it originally on SNES. I'm kind of disappointed that it is being released in this format. It's great on the one hand that people will be able to play without emulating or paying out the ass for a hard copy, but Earthbound is going to lose a lot of that mystique. It's a very old, weird, and cultish game. It has a great underground rep, but is not going to appeal at all to most of the people that play it.

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I guess it's about time more people got the chance to play Earthbound. As it's one of my favorite games of all time, I already own a copy or whatever but I'd still buy it if I could, maybe if they saw how much people were anticipating this they would make an effort to release the other games in the series as well. Probably not but still, it's nice too dream.

Anyway to anybody that's on the fence, I can't say enough good things about it. I guess if you're not a fan of more traditionally formatted JRPG's, you might not enjoy the game on a mechanical level but even so, this game will probably hook you just based on its very unique atmosphere and pretty much unbridled whimsy. I mean, yeah there're some darker moments in there but I'd say it's a good opportunity to go and look at life through the eyes of your 11 year old self once again. I play this on a very regular basis and still really enjoy playing it. I'm not sure if it's just nostalgia but I doubt it, I still haven't played anything like it.

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I'm just excited that I can actually get a legitimate copy of that game in Australia now. So yeah, I bought it.

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I wish this was out on the 3ds... why must you be so weird nintendo?

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I bought it. I did my part.

I love this game. I probably won't play it (I've beat it probably 10 times over the last decade and a half), but... they deserve my $10 for finally bringing it out. Now the 5 people that own a Wii U won't have to pay $200 for a cart.

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I did!

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Once I get a Wii U, most definitely gonna get it.

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@hailinel said:

I'll be buying as soon as I get home from work. I haven't heard anything about music changes. As far as I know, the ROM is untouched.

And I totally bought it!

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If I had a WiiU I definitely would because we NEED to show support for an official localised version of Mother 3!

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In due time, I'll get this and Shantae.

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I'm about 90% sure I'll be getting a WiiU for Pikmin 3, so I'll get Earthbound then. Off-screen virtual console, here I come!

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Nah. I don't own a Wii U and Earthbound doesn't hold up very well imo. If I wanted to play it I'd just emulate it on my tablet. (Yeah yeah, fuck me for not supporting it)

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Where's the I still own my original SNES cartridge option!?

I've played it about 5 times but I always end up skipping the second tone until the end of the game.

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dammit now I want a WiiU

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It'll probably be the first thing I play whenever I get around to buying a WiiU.

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I bought it. And I'll buy Mother 3 if they release it here.

I'll even buy the original-ass Mother game if Nintendo will allow me to.

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Pity it's not available on the 3DS, I never played it back in the day.

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If it was available on the 3DS instead, I'd definitely pick it up.

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So, what is Nintendo's excuse for why this nearly 20 year old game isn't available on the 3DS or Wii? They can't seriously think anyone is going to rush out to buy a WiiU to play something they could easily emulate on just about anything.

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I played up to when you reach Fourside on an emulator years ago. It was neat in places but I don't recall enjoying the combat at all, BOING!

I probably wouldn't try playing it again, ZOOM!

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I sure as hell would. I remember going to a friend of a friends house who was older than us all and he pulled open a drawer in his room and carefully took out an Earthbound cart like it was some motherfuckin yellow cake.

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I would, but I already own 2 physical carts so I probably won't get this release.

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I would if I had a WiiU. I played EarthBound years ago on an emulator, but I wish they'd release it for the 3DS.

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If I had a WiiU, I would. Yesterday I opened the 3DS eShop and somehow it was showing a bunch of WiiU titles. I got all excited when I saw Earthbound and kinda sad when I realised I couldn't buy it. :(