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Okay, I am new here but I can't find anywhere that explains lists and how to edit them. Help please?

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On your page in the "Lists" tab there is another tab called "Create a New List".

If you want to edit one of your existing lists click on it from the "Lists" tab and you will see white text in the upper right corner of the list that say "delete list" and "edit list". After you've made your changes don't forget to click "Save this List" to save your edits.

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Thank you but I did that and added an image to a list and it doesn't show up on the side bar like others do. I just see the list name.

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@Gaga_Gracious: Do you mean these areas marked in red?

If so, images added to the lists don't appear there, that area is for small preview pictures automatically taken from the pages that the list links to. See my list here for an example of how it looks with a bunch of games added.

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Okay, thanks for that but how do I link to other pages? Do I have to find a use the Link option in the editor and add an address?

Sorry to be such a total noob!

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@Gaga_Gracious: If you're talking about linking to a webpage this can only be done in the main list description, you do it just like how you do it in regular posts. You can of course just post the adress http://www.giantbomb.com/ or write something and then mark the text and click "Link". After that you type in the adress in the URL window, click "Create Link" and the text will turn yellow and become a link.

If you're talking about adding items/pages to the list, then while you're editing a list there's a field at the bottom that says "Search for new item to add". Type what you want to find into it and suggestions will come up, click on one of them and they will be added to the list.

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Yay! thank you Jack!

Noobs should get points for waking up!