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Hey duders!

I was just wondering why the Classic Controller doesn't have an accessory page. It's not a packed-in controller and it is an officially supported, semi-optional game controller like a Steel Battalion Controller, a Balance Board, a Wii Zapper or a PlayStation Move controller.

I think that along with the 3DS' "Circle Pad Pro", which fits this description as well, should have an accessory page.

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Actually, should the Wii Zapper be a page? I mean, it doesn't physically change how you play the game (it's just a plastic shell, after all), and most of the games that use it treat it as optional.

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As explained by Jeff on the new Wiki Guide the accessory pages are of a bygone era and the wiki re-design is going to significantly change these pages and the way they are shown on the site. As such no new requests for accessory pages are being taken now. 

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Not like you could do anything with those requests anyway. :P