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Where can you check to see your achievements since the site re-design? I can't find them anymore.

#2 Posted by OldGuy (1610 posts) -

Don't hold your breath. Tracking was far far more difficult and time consuming that you imagine (every time anything changed on the back end at M$, $ony or $team it would break most things about it).

And, yes, there are sites out there that track all those things, but that is all they do.

Maybe, later in the year... Maybe, when the new hardware (and with it the new back ends that will [again] break everything) hit... Maybe if someone finds themselves with nothing to do for weeks on end (and anticipates having the same amount of free time every couple of months -- though you've got to be flexible with that since they won't announce when they're going to change things)...

So, I'd suggest looking for one of those sites that does tracking and nothing but (I use Raptr, but if someone knows a better place I'm all ears)...