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Hey, just want a little help here.
I wanted to add The Avengers, the Marvel Comics team to Giant Bomb since it wasn't here. One problem, there is nothing to add teams. You can add characters and concepts and franchises, but no teams. I thought that either there is no feature, or I just haven't looked hard enough. Can someone please help me?

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You could add the team as a concept.

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You would probably have to just add any individual character that isn't on the site and write in their bio that they are an Avenger.

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There is no teams category on Giant Bomb. Groups and organizations all go under the concept category, which is for anything that doesn't fit into one of the other categories. But is a page for them really necessary? The individual characters all have pages, and I might just be being ignorant here, but I'm not actually aware of any games where the avengers actually appear together as that team.

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 So I should add them as a concept?
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@mr_hulk_smashin: As long as they are indeed in at least one game, yes.
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As long as the team called The Avengers appears in at least one video game, then arguably they qualify for a concept page. Just be sure that the page's primary purpose focuses on documenting information about the team's video game history and appearances first with a brief explanation of their comic book history.

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@Hamz: So, they've one game that I know of, but they have the movie coming out in 2012 and every Marvel movie gets a game, so I assume that'll be another.
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@Hamz: Ok, I just proposed the page... I have a question. On ComicVine I have around 9,000 points, and when I signed up for the free multi-pass, it said all my points would be usable on any Whiskey Media website, so, how come the page isn't posted?
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@mr_hulk_smashin: Are the accounts both linked to the same Multi-Pass? I notice that they don't have the exact same user name. I also seem to recall hearing of a bug that requires new page submissions to go through the queue if the 5000 points aren't local, but I thought that was fixed.
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@LordAndrew: Yeah, they're on the same Multi-Pass, but when I join a new site, instead of putting me as Mr.Hulk_Smashin'! it puts me as mr_hulk_smashin.
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There is a team bonus for The Avengers in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance.