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So, what's the deal?
Just running through a credit sequence to add to a game page, and taking a look at credits pages of popular big budget games for guidance, it didn't appear that every credit was listed on the page. Understandable, no doubt, just wondering how we go about deciding who is worthy enough to add to the list, rather than shotgun blasting every name onto the page just to have it look like crap.

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Anyone who is credited in a game can be listed. Even though a game may only have a few people listed, its ok to add everyone.

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@captainslender: Credits are just a huge amount of work to do properly. I have a stack of game manuals as a side project for the holidays. :)
It's definitely appreciated though. Just don't assume that the only name in the database is always the same person, if in doubt try to cross-reference the other credits or employment history via Google or something. Feel free to add new Person pages when necessary. The majority of blank pages were added by staff and interns back before the site launched, so it only goes as far as the sources they used.
And if you haven't already noticed, you can only specify job titles when editing credits on the game pages, not the person pages.
Welcome, godspeed and good luck!
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Definitely. I just wasn't sure if it was frowned upon putting every name credited to the game (including outside the dev team, and additional outside help) simply because the formatting doesn't exactly suit (possibly) hundreds of names. Either way, I'll give it a shot!
Thanks for the help, guys.

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@captainslender said:
"  the formatting doesn't exactly suit (possibly) hundreds of names. "
I agre. Sure, GiantBomb's website may look fancy but I think that, as a wiki, the mechanics and layout are pretty far from perfect