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I'm guessing that this has probably been addressed in the past, but searching "marketplace" understandably gets a lot of returns.

The short version of the post is this: With the new site on the way, would a marketplace section ever get consideration if it was for individual user sales, or does no commercial sales mean no commercial sales?

Listening to Jeff talk about raids and Turbografx's has reinforced the valuable lesson that I've learned from him. Video game hoarding leads to madness, and I'm headed down that road. I have tubs and tubs and cabinets and cardboard boxes full of games that I don't ever play, and it's terrifying. Dealing with Ebay is pretty much the worst, and now that I'm faced with the realization that I need to get rid of a lot of stuff, I'd much rather sell it to relatable people who are only mostly strangers, as opposed to total strangers. Especially as there seems to be a lot of recent interest in old import Japanese games, and I can probably help out with that.

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I would guess the person to ask would be a Staff Member, such as Dave, who runs the community, or Jeff who runs GB, but the rules say no sales.

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Yeah, it probably would have been a good idea for me to wait until there were actually people in the office.