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In the Titanfall wiki, I would want to list some burn cards (the ones that I have managed to get and screen-capture), would this be okay? I know that it will not be all of the burn cards, but as an on-going thing that other people can contribute to, surely this wouldn't be a problem... or am I wrong?

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Lots of game wikis list the abilities available, guns available or some other thing. For example the DmC wiki lists all the available abilities for all the weapons, the missions lists, etc and so on.

I'm no expert but I'd say considering that you could list the burn cards.

The best way to do it, probably, is just to have a Burn Cards paragraph. Use the cards you've found as examples when you explain how Burn Cards work, but save the list of Burn Cards until the game comes out?

Or I dunno just start a list. Seems fine either way. :S

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Yes. Ideally you would be detailing all of their accompanying attributes or whatever too, but yeah, that's fine.

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Sounds like a good use of the guides feature...when they work again.