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so right now i'm doing some small work on the Seaside Racing page i created for a game on the Xbox Live Indie Games marketplace. since it's, you know, an indie game, i expected it to have a pretty small development team. in this case, it was created by one dude named Gustav Olsson.

i've hit a wall here concerning what i fill in where the developer/publisher spot is. since it's just one dude who doesn't belong to any company (the only credits are "Gustav Olsson"), do i create a developer and/or publisher page with "Gustav Olsson" even if it's just one dude, or do i leave that section blank? something entirely different?

thank you sirs and/or madams!

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I'd say making a basic developer page describing him as the sole developer and publisher of this one game. I mean, he's not the first developer to be a solo or mostly solo project.

I would look at how they handled Dust: An Elysian Tail, another game made by only one person: Dust: An Elysian Tail

They linked to a developer page which then linked to a videogame person page of the one employee. You could do the same for both publisher and developer sections.

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@TruthTellah: that sounds good enough. however, the credits didn't specify any sort of company. they just showed the guy's name, as opposed to the example you showed where the single developer goes under the name of Humble Hearts. i'll go ahead and make a company page under the dude's name.

thank you for the response!

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@AjayRaz: No problem. It appears that Gustav Olsson is simply a student with an interest in XBLIG and Unity development. So, he hasn't established an official company name for himself. Thus, he himself would be considered the sole developer and publisher. I think going off Dust: An Elysian Tail and just having a generic company page would work if linking to his videogame person page doesn't seem tidy enough. :)