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Where do I go to see the blogs of those I am following? I don't want to see everyone's blogs, I only want to see those I am folow I ng. Thanks.

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@tracerace11: "Users" tab at the top, "Activity Feed" dropdown option. From there, "Users You Follow" option at the top left, then flip the dropdown box to the right from "All Activity" to "Blog Posts."

In theory this should work, but the site's always on fire these days, so good luck.

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@jjweatherman: the problem is 1) nothing is pulling up, so may not be working. And 2) I would like to see blog posts for all time, not just recent activity. But this helps a lot, didn't know I could that, so thanks.

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@tracerace11: I'm not seeing anything come up there for me either, so I too am guessing it's broken. It sure would be nice to have that little list on your profile page that used to list blog posts.

Alternatively, you could go into your profile settings and scroll down until you see some email and notification preference options. Set the one that says "My friends' updates" to notify you of blogs either on the site, via email, or both. Of course that too is probably broken since it was newly implemented. I don't really know what to tell you. I miss the good ole Whiskey days when things actually worked the majority of the time.