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I wanna add a new Release to


of the UK PC version & the box art is different than any image on that page. I can grab something from a Google image search thats exactly right, but as the wiki is all about original content do I need to find a mate with a scanner?

A daft question from a newbie im sure, but the Wiki Faq seems oddly empty at the time of writing... :-)

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So long as there are no watermarks from other sites on it you should be ok, they don't expect you to hand paint every image.

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I just added a new game, but how do I add box art for it?

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@billysea: If you haven't already managed it, and it looks like you may have, sometimes it's easier to learn how the image galleries work by starting on an existing page with a lot of spots filled already. As for assigning box art (and header backgrounds) to a front wiki page, that is a point-limited feature that you probably can't see yet.

@cxhgrunt: In this case original content refers to writing, and not to unwatermarked images like real box art and screenshots. To answer your question from another point of view, if you have a box that you can scan, or screenshot that you can capture in better quality than anything you can find online, go for it. Preserve away. Game historians will thank you.