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I was just wondering because I would add some stuff on the Crusader Kings 2 page about 2 of the mods, one of which got a lot of press from gaming websites (the game of thrones mod) and the other (CK2+) caused Paradox to hire the modder in question and is the most used mod according to their tracking tools.

Also the wiki FAQ isn't working and I'd assume that's where the answer to this question would be?

I mean, some of the images from the game of thrones mod are already in the image database for the game so I would assume so but I'd rather make sure first.

edit: or, if not that, do/can I add it to the Clausewitz engine (the engine the games are in)? I mean the engine is very easy to mod and I'd assume that's something that should be added

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Yeah, stuff like that is fine, especially considering we even have pages for some mods (e.g. Black Mesa). But in this situation, sounds like it would fit to both pages (Crusader Kings 2 and the page for the engine).

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At what point does a mod warrant it's own game page? When it runs as a stand alone game without any need of the original game files? When it's gained "enough" publicity, or a combination of both/something else? They obviously are separate games when they get retail releases like Counter-Strike, Tactical Ops, Red Orchestra and stuff like that, but there are some mods that get free releases that run independently of the original game, most commonly in cases where the original game has been open source'd (Quake II based D-Day: Normandy or UFO: Alien Invasion are examples of this, and the latter does already have a game page), but there's also stuff like The Red Alert, a free, stand alone mod for Command & Conquer: Renegade, which EA seems OK with, as they've promoted the mod on their C&C site and there are thousands of Wolfenstein 3D mods that don't require the core game either, but probably on a little shakier grounds (I don't think that engine was ever released as open source, and many mods do use graphics from the original game).

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@fisk0: Fairly sure it's allowed when a mod has a standalone release. You could ask Jeff on his Tumblr to get a clearer answer.