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I'm not sure if this is posted in the right place, but I would like to see the embiggen guy replaced by one of the many sprites of Ryan like these. It would just be nice to look up and see him cheering us on :)

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That's a really cool idea

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While i think that idea would be pretty amazing, Jeff just lost his best friend of over a decade, and i don't want him to be constantly reminded of that. I feel like it would impede on the healing process. Maybe i am wrong though, i am no psychologist.

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The Embiggen button was originally Andre the Giant. I am sure for Legal reasons when they came to CBSi it had to change.

Now its Alexis in a leotard. Ryan loved Alexis and I would not think Ryan would want to just up and replace Alexis in a stupid little joke that probably means a little to Alexis. I know it would to me.

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@akyho: Solid logic. I'm calling it the Alexitard icon now. :) (I don't ever use that last syllable in an insulting way to anyone.)

@pandorasbox: That's very considerate, but there are probably a hundred other things both online and offline that will serve as a reminder, ahead of a tiny seldom-seen sprite.