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@X19 said:

Submissions to that guide will follow the same ruleset and use the same tools of the wiki system. Meaning that you'll gain wiki points for editing guides, and new users won't be able to just run in and damage shit. Also, our new wiki history system will allow the mods to rollback edits if something bad does happen.

What worries me the most is this. Losing author control over the guides and having to wait for mods to check it. I honestly don't care about wiki points, which means I have very few, which means I will be treated like a new user.

With your devotion to guides, though, I can't imagine that being a limitation for long, since guide editing will translate into wiki points.

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In all the time I've been here and using the Wiki, I didn't know that there were game guides on the site.

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@MoleyUK said:

In all the time I've been here and using the Wiki, I didn't know that there were game guides on the site.

Yeah, I'll second that. Whenever I heard guide, I thought it was in reference to the wiki, not an actual game guide. I think this feature hasn't been really well advertised.

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I love you, Dave.

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It sucks that some stuff is going to be thrown out, but I'm actually really excited that there will be one guide for every game on the site. I'm not in a position to spend hours crafting a perfect guide to any one game, but if I happen to find myself at a guide for a game I know and see some missing parts, I'd gladly spend some time sprucing it up. It will be like the time I spent editing Segal movies on Screened way back when, that was a lot of fun when I got into it.

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I've only used the guides a few times. Going to use them more when the new site is up.

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snide the previous guides system was amazing. You shouldn't feel bad as a facilitator when people are not smart or motivated enough to take advantage of a world-class toolset laid out in front of them. Admittedly it was constantly riddled with bugs ;)

This is likely the best solution to your woes, short of directly integrating with GameFAQs.

Those that pay attention know the community here matters and is respected. We very much appreciate it.

Happy holidays.