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Would Ouya constitute as a platform or a concept? I'm actually very surprised that it's not already on here in some fashion. Since there are exclusives planned, it would be a platform unto itself, right? Has it not shown up because there are still people convinced that it's a scam?

What about cell phone games that existed prior to smart phones? Most sites have a generic "Mobile" category, or at least acknowledge BlackBerry devices (which are still widely available with new releases, even if they're not as prominent as other mobile platforms. BB10 comes out in January 2013). These phones have both the ports you'd expect as well as plenty of exclusives, not to mention many games that started on other mobiles and have come to more modern platforms.

Also, since every platform these days has its own shop, I'm also surprised that a Wii U Shop isn't a platform yet. There are definitely some games that are exclusive for download as well as retail games being given that option. I mean, if PS3, PSP, and Vita get their own shops and they're loosely tethered, not to mention DSiWare/3DSWare.

No skin off my nose if these are rejected, but I figure it wouldn't hurt to ask.

Thanks for your consideration, mates.

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It's an android device, so it wouldn't qualify as it's own platform, I think the company that's developing it is here already, I think that is more than enough at least until something actually happens with it.

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yea, its basically an android device that you can plug into a TV and plug a controller into... so think of it as a "console" that runs on the same O.S. as phones and tablets...

As for the Wii U it seems they won't tie in with the Wii shop which kinda makes sense but kinda doesn't...

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Until we can actually develop for Ouya, I don't think we should be making a decision on Ouya yet. Maybe it's just like any other Android distro, or maybe it's not.

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Snake needs a page.

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Oh, and I think we really need to have a talk about "3DSWare". Because there's no such product or service with that name, and that made-up name still manages to exclude the Virtual Console and retail downloads.

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@LordAndrew It's called the eShop on 3DS and Wii U. Shouldn't we change it to that? But as we get more and more digital stuff, maybe we should just include it in the system platform itself.
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@yoshimitz707: Yes, that's right. 3DS eShop and Wii U eShop, assuming that we're still separating platforms like that. If we're moving away from such separation though, then it doesn't really matter at all.

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Fair assessments, mates.

What about generic phones, then?

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@ReverendHunt said:

Fair assessments, mates.

What about generic phones, then?

It's just way too much of a problem to keep track of hundreds of different phones, OS's, and throwaway generic games that may be on sale for six months or a year then disappear. It was decided before the site that we wouldn't be cataloguing these types of games and that has stuck for nearly five years...thankfully.

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@ReverendHunt said:

Fair assessments, mates.

What about generic phones, then?

Also the staff have always maintained that generic phone games are games they do not want to have on the database. This is in large part because they are games they do not wish to cover in an editorial capacity.

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Really now? Even noteworthy games like God of War Betrayal and the TMNT RPGs?

(Shrug) All right then. You're the bosses.

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Ok, first off, anyone who believes that a Tegra 3 is gonna run at 1080p for anything but maybe video playback and nes emulation is living a pipedream. 99% of the stuff on the ps3/360 runs at 720p. And those are considerably more powerful platforms. Second, when people are asking why they'd want this, what they are saying is "what does ouya do that my current hardware doesn't do?". The answer is "nothing."

Emulation: You can emulate on just about everything. Hell, my old psp emulates everything up to the n64. Want to emulate on the big screen? Get an original Xbox and soft mod it, and you're into everything including psone and n64.

Video: you can get an original Xbox and xbmc and watch everything. If you want Netflix and Hulu plus, they have apps for every platform on the planet. Ouya does nothing new.Indie games: xbla, psn, and wiiware brought indie gaming to a mass market years ago. And the pc has had indie gaming since its inception.

Open platform: pc anyone? You can run "unsigned code" and tweak hardware to your heart's content. You can even tweak things like clock speeds and voltages. The i5 and i7 k series CPUs are completely unlocked and ramp way up from their factory defaults.

Playing tablet/ cell phone games on the tv: begging the question of "why," you can do it now. My tablet has hdmi out. Dunno about the other tablets out there, but I didn't get a cheap out on my tablet--you get what you pay for.

Playing AAA games: if you think ouya is going to get platform exclusives then you're high. Devs will go where the install base is.

The ouya provides nothing new or useful and will bomb. Sorry ouya fans (I can't believe I just said that).