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I have proposed this concept three times if I'm not mistaken.

It's important because it is a feature for the games, may be the basis of a purchase decision and it would be good to be able to list games that have local co-op capabilities. With this I mean they can be played with one single system, for example Gears of War.

Every time I want to check if a game features it or check which are the latest games that I can play with my sister I go to http://www.co-optimus.com/

However it's good to be able to search for games that have gorillas, I mean, who cares about the multiplayer modes when there are gorillas in the game?

Thank you.

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The distinction between local and non-local co-op seems like it would merit its own page, or at the very least a more fleshed-out section under Cooperative Play.

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It would be nice to separate the games that have local co-op, especially since its becoming a rarity in modern games.

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Absolutely. I think couch co-op deserves it's own page.