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Why was this removed? Please put the writer credit back in or just make it like the old credit pages. They were easier to edit anyway (see other topic regarding credit pages).

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I think I actually liked the old credits pages better than the new ones.

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@bobafettjm: Agreed. From an editing standpoint, they were far superior. But the new one looks cleaner so I guess that trumps usability? If only we could have both :)

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I guess writer goes under design or something now...?

In any case I'm not crazy about either the new or the old format. That the pages having more structure is nice, but they're still poorly suited for displaying credits games that more than a handful people worked on. There's no sorting based on the importance of their position, and no good way to handle people with jobs in multiple sections... say someone worked as a game designer, artist, and voice actor - quite common in older games. I think Mobygames does this better, though their individual person pages are lacking.

And yes, editing the new pages is not fun. Quite easy to forget yourself and enter a person in the wrong section. Then even if you remove them, you have to submit/reload the page to be able to enter them in the correct section. Additionally the editor seems to get quite flaky (in both Firefox and Chromium) once you've added a number of credits, the search fields disappear or stick to the top of the screen.

What I'd really like is a big text field I can just dump a formatted list of names in, and have them validated all at once.