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I'm building a check list for people who want to collect all the games for a given console. Games have multiple releases (NA, JP, EU, Greatest Hits, etc), but sometimes they also have multiple (notable) printings. An example I can think of off hand is Final Fantasy VII. One printing had the same backing image on both sides of the jewel case, and one had a typography issue on the back, in addition to the black label and greatest hits versions.

Is there a way for users to note this sort of thing in the wiki? If so, where would I find it in the result of a game?

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Moving this thread from API Developers forum to the Wiki Editing & Tools forum. This isn't really an API question. It's really more of a question of if we want to denote these printings in the release list, and if so, how it get denoted.

Personally, I'm not aware of many printings that are significant enough to warrant it. Greatest Hits releases are already in there in most cases, and a typo on the back cover certainly doesn't seem to warrant a separate release entry.

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Sorry about posting in the wrong forum.

As for the significance of the typo? People pay $5-$10 more for it. The one that has the wrong backing image goes for twice a regular black label printing. Does this information matter to everyone? Probably not. To my app's audience it is important. I'm not opposed to handling it on my end, but it'd be nice to keep my data clean and single sourced if at all possible.

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Would this also cover games that had changes but are otherwise indistinguishable from other printings? Off the top of my head I can think of

  • GTA LCS getting reprinted with an exploit removed that had created a backdoor to rooting the PSP.
  • GTA Vice City having rewritten cutscenes to remove any promotion of violence against Hatians.
  • GTA San Andreas having the hot coffee stuff removed from the later printings of the PS2 version.

All these are indistinguishable from the original version by looking at the box (unless maybe they have a different Sony Product Code).

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I think so. Little Big Planet with and without the song that got the game recalled would be another example. Noting they exist is one thing, telling people how to distinguish between them is another. I'm not sure I like putting this under releases since there may be an interesting story to go along with how this printing of a game differs from that one. Having an optional section for it would be ideal in my world. The section would have a sub title: "Recalled Version." It would also have a blurb describing it: They talked about someone's deity. You can tell it's this version because Sackboy is doing a jumping jack on the back cover. (I don't think that's true, potential future googler.)

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I personally think these things are all better relegated to mentions in the body of the wiki. The release list just isn't really setup to accommodate this sort of information. It might be fine if there were engineering work put in to allow for documenting separate printings under a release, but I doubt that would be high on the priority list. However, even then it becomes a bit difficult to know where to draw the line on a printing being "notable".

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Well, I don't think we need to list every single printing of every game. If we did then we'd have a different version of almost every release for Canada and the US due to labeling laws. I'd say that if a difference is notable then it can have a blurb in the body of the wiki.