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Is there a way/option/setting so that doublespace lines are turned off? Even when I hold shift down and hit enter to do a single line, when I'm finished, it reverts back to doublespace.

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The text editor doesn't like when you go out of its boundaries. I've tried inserting things into it directly from the page source only to see them vanish into nothingness when I go to post it.
But maybe it'll work this time.
Somehow, it did. Maybe.

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Well maybe this anecdote will cheer you up...

Last year, during my NCTJ exams, the reporting exam required using a word processor. Before starting, the invigilator told us to make sure our papers were double-spaced before handing them in (which makes them easier to read and mark I suppose). Towards the end of the exam, before printing, the invigilator reminded us of this a second time. One of my colleagues then admitted that she didn't know how to do that, prompting an explanation. A look of panic swept across another colleague's face: it turned out his interpretation of double-spacing was hitting the spacebar twice at the end of *every* word.

I can only imagine the hassle he had grammar-checking that.

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Oh God, no. Double spacing makes it easier to read anything that consists of more than a single paragraph on this site. Why would you want to get rid of that? Why!?

These forums are some of the easiest to read I've ever seen, and the forced double spacing is part of that.

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hm. Not quite sure how you do only one line break. I feel like I've done it before though.
hm... There must be a trick to it.
It used to be possible when we could add html, but I suppose they took that out due to the current site perhaps not taking random html. ha.
Yeah, sorry I don't have any solid leads for ya.