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I wanted to put a table into one of the wikis but my concern about doing this is that I can't find a way to edit a table afterwards and add extra rows or columns. Is there something I'm missing or can you simply not do this? They also seem fairly broken to me but I think it's the best way to layout certain types of information.

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If you right-click a table (but not in the header) you'll get a small drop-down menu with some options for editing it:

Unfortunately, at least in Chrome (Version 24.0.1312.57 m), it doesn't seem to play nice with the browser default right-click context menu, so you may have to click around to get it into a position where you can actually use it.

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@aishan: Thanks so much. I completely didn't even think to right click on the actual box (I kept clicking the header). Most of the options within the editor just appear when you mouse over them so I figured it was a limitation but I was just missing something.

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still wont work for me

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@aishan: Thanks for pointing that out! I came here having the same issue (I used to just add the HTML code in the alternate editor on the old page).

This is really REALLY unintuitive, though. I feel this new wiki needs an extensive tutorial or some very basic explanations in the wiki itself. A lot of the UI stuff is really really problematic and nigh impossible to figure out.