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Yeah, I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but it seems like the best bet - because it's not a bug.

I'm wondering about getting a specific tool implemented for users searching the wiki, I get a great list of games, but what about finding out what the first games released for a console was?

My example is the xbox 360 game list - I'd like to know what the first games released on it were. Okay, so I can find a list of games released on the console by going Wiki > Games and clicking "Xbox 360" as platform, and list by release date - then selecting "This form is awesome!".

I have two issues after this - I'd like to know the first games released, if there was an option to flip around the results I'd almost be at where I need to. The issue is that all the "Release Date NA" games have actually littered the bottom. This made it so when I decided "oh yeah, hey, page 36 is just where I need to go" was where I logically needed to go, it isn't, and now I'm hunting.

It would just be really nice to have the lists be albe to be flipped or just more selections that can lead there would be great, but I think the Release Date NA issue is a different story..