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Hi, I didn't know about this flood prevention feature.

I have written the third post in a row and I got this warning. It's fine, I was stating in that post that I'll move everything to a blog post, I don't mean to flood. That's not a problem and I'm sorry I even tried to write it.

The problem is, that was a very long post, and with the warning it has gone away. I'm not touching that browser to keep all the cache and stuff that may be in it. Do you think there is any way to get that long text back?

It took me some time and I wouldn't like to spend that time again.

I'm sorry for trying to post three posts in a row, but the punishment of throwing away that amount of time seems excessive to me, it's a slap in the face I don't think I deserve.

Thank you.

PD: BTW: the browser is google chrome, last version on windows. No extensions installed to keep track of the http info sent, unfortunately, AFAIK.

PPD: there is one way, browse your way to tools > Developer tools > network > find the last POST > headers > Form data.

But this has to be done before posting, AFAIK, so Unfortunately, it's lost for me now. :_( I'll try to find an extension to keep a cache of this.