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Sorry if this question has been answered before, but I'm pretty new to wiki editing.

How do we want to handle games released in compilations. Specifically Final Fantasy X is marked as available on PS2, PS3 and Vita, while Final Fantasy X-2 is only on PS2.

And then Final Fantasy X HD Remaster is its own game on PS3 and Vita.

Surely the remaster covers the PS3/Vita release and FFX should only be on PS2?

Hope that makes sense!

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As a point of reference, Sportsfriends is coming out next week and each individual has its own page tagged with the platforms that the game as a whole is going to be released on. In this case I would expect FFX-2 to be marked as being available on PS3 and Vita with a note in the article linking to the remaster article.

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Are Final Fantasy X and X-2 available separately on the PSN store? I've noticed that's what Tales of Symphonia Chronicles does.