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This is just an idea i came up with when struggling to find full multiplayer games going in Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood...and it seems i'm not alone.

The concept is pretty simple (...from my perspective cause i don't have to program the thing)

You create a feature, per game, that allows Giant Bomb users to add their names to a list (much like these threads but controlled by the system, not by one community member)

  1. By placing your name in this list you signify that you have a copy of the multiplayer game and/or you're interested in playing multiplayer with the Giant Bomb community.
  2. Next, a community member has the ability to register as a "Game Night" host. As a host you set a date, time, system you're playing on, and other appropriate details.
  3. When the host submits their registration, everyone in the list gets a Private Message with the Game Night information.


  • From there, players on the list can confirm if they can play at the set time. This gives an idea how how many will likely show up.
  • Various play date registrations for single night, weekly or monthly play dates.
  • Rating system, not really for the quality of the experience as much as for commitment from the community to fill that play date.


I think this could be helpful for picking up older games, or even downloadable games, that no longer get a lot of support online, or even obscure modded PC games. Also, it's nice to play within a community where you have something of an identity to withhold which could thin out obnoxious behavior.

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@rebgav: on Giant Bomb? how do you figure?

[edit] This thread in the AC: Brotherhood forums suggests how well the current system works.

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AH! Thank you! Atleast I'm not the only one with this  standpoint.
Unfortunately I'm clueless when it comes to organizing things like this and your idea seems like a appropriate solution!
Yes, some games have organized community nights but there are a tonne that don't. During the TNT for "dead" games, alot of people showed up to play games that have gone under the radar. Having something like this could make it easier for community members to find someone to play.

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This definitely sounds good to me. I'm not always on top of new game releases but it would be nice to have the option of playing with the community in multiplayer games that still hold up well. I'm all for it.