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This should probably go into the respective game page's forum, but I don't think anyone would see it.

Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu (known over here as Legend of the Galaxy Heroes) is a space opera anime and Japanese novel series that's had at least six video game adaptations, as far as Wikipedia is concerned. (GameFAQs lists seven "Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu"s, but I believe the X86 and MSX versions are identical.) Each of these six games appear to be different, though they are all turn-based space strategy sims based on the same licensed source material and seem to have all been developed by either Bothtec or Tokuma Shoten. Currently, however, we just have the one page for all six games and I'm hesitant to fill in any details for the 1988 NES game when the page seems to be based on the 2008 PC version. I can't imagine two games made 20 years apart would have much in common.

I dunno, is it worth making six different pages for this? Is it important enough to worry about? Are there any Japanophile wiki editors out there more familiar with this franchise that can weigh in? It may well be that it's a similar case to the first Ys, where the developers just kept remaking the same really popular game with major graphical updates for each generation, or it could be more like the core Dynasty Warriors games where each one has its own distinctive qualities despite having the same characters/battles/gameplay.

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@Mento said:

I dunno, is it worth making six different pages for this?

Yes, if they're significantly different.

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Yeah, all of these games are wildly different. I'm not familiar with the series, but I have friends who (try to) follow it. Legend of the Galactic Heroes is the standard translation of the title, and it's usually shortened to LotGH.