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Nuff' said. If there's something you notice on the site that could use some work or have something you specifically want to take on lemme know. I'll be up for another hour or so and will make sure to get them in the queue. 
Don't know what tasks are yet? Check out this page for the basics.

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I think " Rock" should have a wiki task for too many associations. I'd be happy to get right on that... especially since I may have been one of the perpetrators :)
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I created Honda, Mitsubishi and Nissan pages, and filled some of it out, but there are no pages for actual car companies in the database, maybe some gearheads could do some on that, I try to in my spare time,

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@snide: The Risen page needs work.
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Omg.  How long has this part of the site existed for?  Never seen it before.  Well I can't think of anything to add to the queue off the top of my head, but I just wanted to say it's awesome that this feature now exists and I'll try to check it out often in future.  Also, is there any usual way to request particular pages for addition to this queue from the moderators, i.e. in a forum somewhere or such like?

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@RagingLion: It's only been up for the weekend. 
@Shini4444: @Tearhead: Tasks created. Have at it!
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Oh man, i've been at videogames since the early 90s but these titles predate me! 
You old guys stealing all mah points!

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@snide: I'd done a lot of work with Risen BEFORE the bounty system started.  Do I get points for all of that work?  :P
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@armaan8014: You already did get points for it!
We can award additional bonus points above and beyond what even the task offers as a reward for exceptional work, though.
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It might be a nice idea to add "task" for all the digital download games that get released every week, there are quite a lot of them and it is hard to keep up as it is.

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@Rallier: I'm planning on adding a task for each of the Block Party games as they are released - the Toy Soldiers page has already benefited from the new system.
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The David Crane page could use some more info. The man started Activision and made Pitfall
Also, the Danielle Berry page is surprisingly empty for such a fascinating personality. Apart from the gender issues, Danielle made M.U.L.E which is one of most influential games ever made.

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@Killjoi: Created these two tasks for you.
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@Killjoi: Good ideas, I started a couple of tasks for these two individuals.
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Inventory is disappointingly bare. I'd like to see information about the different types of inventory systems, how they've evolved over time, stuff like that.
I'm sure there's a lot that can be said about random encounters too.
I think The Oregon Trail could also be expanded nicely.
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@LordAndrew: Created those.
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Thanks. No one's taken on The Oregon Trail yet, but apart from the unfortunate edit conflict on the Inventory page I like the work that's been done so far.
I came across another game page that I'd like to see improved: King's Quest. Do we have any Sierra adventure fans here?

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I have a CRAZY amount of pages that I could post here, but I'll just post this one. Metal Storm is a great NES game, but the page could use some SERIOUS touching up.

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The Chrono Trigger page is just a long ass summary of the story. 
If someone could go in and boil it down to a short synopsis and give some more information about the game that would be great.

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The Clock Tower page is painfully empty.  Gameplay, story, really any well-written information would do that page good.

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@JeffGoldblum said:
" The Chrono Trigger page is just a long ass summary of the story. If someone could go in and boil it down to a short synopsis and give some more information about the game that would be great. "
I don't have any recommendations for any tasks at the moment, as I couldn't tell you what needs work and what doesn't.  All I know is that I'll be watching the Help page a lot more often now.
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Soldier of Fortune needs a lot of work, as the (limited) information is spread out across too many editions of the game (gold, platinum). An amalgamation is badly needed.
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Unique for snide: Fix the christmassy avatar. 
Reason: Misleading.

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When closing the task, the moderator assigns the bounty to all members who deserve points based on their desecration.

Mmm...Sacrilege. :)
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@MB said:
" @armaan8014: You already did get points for it! We can award additional bonus points above and beyond what even the task offers as a reward for exceptional work, though. "
Alright I'm gonna do more work on it!
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The page for Buzz! Quiz World seems to have been copy and pasted right from wikipedia. Therefore it should be burned and be replaced by all new content.

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 Jungler needs some working on.
Also going through the "logo boxart" page, that needs work some things in there look like there's more image than text, especially something that's probably more than a logo, and thus doesn't belong in there, it's also a pretty useless page when you have boxart.
Edit again, Incredible Crisis needs work.

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I added this to my other thread but it seems appropriate to re-post here. I think the original John Madden Football page could use some filling out. How can the game that actually managed to spawn a reality show based on playing it, not have a lick of info?

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Chromatic Aberration should be added as a graphical effect. It is now a staple in 3D rendering and games.

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The Alone in the Dark franchise page is pretty much blank, any fan of the series should fill it out.

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California Games. Everyone played it back in the day, but no one has written more than a few lines about it. As the current wiki entry states, it was one of the first sports minigames collections ever made.
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Should we do a full rework of the Batman page ? It has no info about his role in games. Maybe we can fill out some stuff about his character portrayal in games ? I've only played the old NES game and Arkham Asylum so I'm not the best judge of this but there must be other Batman fans on the site who know more about him ?

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Cubivore's page is criminally thin. Someone with a better memory than I and/or a copy of the game should really flesh it out a bit.
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Bangai-O Spirits is pretty good, but needs some formatting correction and maybe some more information.
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Wouldn't this work better if this was a sticky?