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On each game's wiki, there is the section for releases up top. How is this different from the infobox which lists "consoles"? I keep running into articles that have a "release" for only one console, but the correct consoles are listed in the game infobox on the right.

Also, what's the best way to deal with games which have the same name, but function very differently on each system? Should I create separate sections within the article for each system, and list differences, or should there be a separate article for each version of the game, if there are substantial differences (e.g. Strider)

One solution would be if the Releases page listed the various attributes in a comparative-style grid, rather than an endless scrolling page. Then notes could go at the bottom of each system's column, outlining the differences, so one could compare the games on a single screen. It would definitely be interesting to view the differences between, say, a Genesis version of a game, and a SNES version together in a grid, rather than one after another.

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@bhtav: I can only tell you about the existing releases page which functions as an overview over what versions of a game exist (given that someone entered that data) like limited editions, later released ports, digital re-releases along with release dates and product information like the barcode for identification or the developer of that specific version. All this exists to create some kind of chronological overview over a game's history.

Game X first came out on system Y but only in Japan, then three years later it came to the west but that version only came out on system Z, developed by A. That version then got re-released digitally 20 years later on platform Q.

I commented on the other part of the question in your other thread. But as for the side-by-side comparisons, you could do that with a regular table in the current wiki.

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@def: I (think I) understand what you're saying... but then shouldn't "consoles" always match "releases"? If not, could someone please illustrate an instance in which you'd have a console, but not a release, and/or vice versa? If they always are 1 to 1, then why have both?

EDIT: Or have "consoles" automatically populated by releases.

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@bhtav: Releases have to be manually entered. The wiki doesn't create a "release" based on someone entering another platform on the main page. I get why, the room for error is too big. Someone might add a platform by accident or select the wrong one or misclick and accidentally delete a platform from the list, boom release, including all the potentially detailed data entered -> gone.

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Releases require information that cannot be inferred from the general information box. Automatically creating releases based on that information would lead to wildly inaccurate release data.

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It is a bit odd that there is no interaction between the releases page and the top summary on each page, but I've gotten used to it. I've spent quite a bit of time since the site relaunch fixing the disastrous release pages that most games have. (Just fixed Sound Shapes before coming into this thread)

Seems like something that will require a great deal of work for a few months here while we fill everything out with more detail. It would be nice if the main page inferred some info (such as initial release date) from the releases page, but it's not that much of a hassle to go in and fix it.

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It would be nice if the main page inferred some info (such as initial release date) from the releases page, but it's not that much of a hassle to go in and fix it.

It does do that. But only sometimes. No idea how it works, though. It definitely scans for the earliest entered release and puts that into the "first release date" field on some pages but I think as soon as you change something it gets a little weird again. Btw, the country flag is still bugged.

Platforms not yet present in the platform list on the main page that get entered into the release page will automatically show up as platforms on the main page, though. Worked on the old site, also works on the new site.

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Right, I think sussing out what exactly is pulled from where would be useful. Also, if the underlying system is in place to populate one from the other already exists, then the programming would be (fairly) trivial to populate more data from the releases. I do think the releases page should be side-by-side for comparison. I would probably have the consoles section of the infobox automatically populated by releases, and not allow manually editing the infobox (for consistency).

As an aside, I've noticed that the release drop-down does not allow for multi-country releases, which is odd. As an even further aside, I don't yet have the necessary points to add or easily update articles (I have a backlog of pending edits), but it would be useful if someone would add Bally-Midway, which was a company unto itself (Putting both Bally and Midway as publishers is historically inaccurate - those companies aren't the company that published those games). Sorry for hijacking my own thread.