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The title pretty much explains it all, I have been trying to post a guide for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 and, even though the giantbomb.com site loads in about a second for me, trying to get through the initial set-up steps for a guide (the pop-up) takes me a good twenty minutes of waiting through loading.

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@KillerClaw: I just checked and I was able to get through the first few steps to create a guide with no delay. If you've been trying to post your guide over the last couple of days then I suspect that you may be encountering the larger issue of the site having had a huge problem with slow-down since the livestream yesterday. It's not necessarily consistent so something may load in a split second one minute and then not want to load at all the next, so it's likely that might be it.

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@Gamer_152: You were correct