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So I'm from the UK, which means the happy hour comes on at a really inconvenient time for anyone in our country or Europe in general. 
Now don't worry, I'm not requesting that you change when Happy hour starts be changed, I'm not that arrogant. I'm simply asking for a "Happy Hour" tab in the videos section so we can all find them straight away. 
There was a Happy Hour entry in the News section on the front page for the Happy Hour, dated 12/11/10, but last weeks Happy Hour, dated 19/11/10, failed to get put up on the sites' news section on the front page. 
And I was left wondering where it was. It isn't obvious straight away unless you really actively search for it in the videos section. 
Maybe I was being a bit slow but other people who're new to the site but have a gold membership won't be able to find it. 
What do you think? (Hopefully Dave will see through my rambling and know what I'm talking about...)

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They're under the 'Features' tab in the Videos section

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Try asking X19. I bet he could hook you up.