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Something I realized today, GB quite often do 'quick looks' on specific games on HH, and quite often those games never get any other 'official' quicklooks like ZHP or.... gal gun. Is there a reason why those videos aren't listed on videos for their respective wikis? Is it because they are premium enabled?

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I think the problem with that is the relevant game video bits were usually something like 1/6 the total length of the video or less. TNTs are more cut and dry because they focus exclusively on a game or two, but the Happy Hours were a different beast.

Still, for games that got no love otherwise like the ones you mentioned, it might be worth it to snip out the relevant bits and repurpose them when someone at GB gets a few free cycles to do so (i.e., "never"). They've done it before in situations like the Vita launch TNT, or whatever that live-streamed event was. Each video segment ended up being its own quicklook.