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I developed an ipad game, and as a giantbomb community member I'd like to make a new page for it in the wiki.  I know a made new game pages before.  (Personally I made them for Zen bound, The princes bride game, and the artificial intelligence concept.)   But for some reason I don't remember how to ad it.  (Did objective C make me forum stupid?)   
how do I ad a new game to the wiki?  
[Update]  Ok Figured it out.  But
How do I ad iPad as a platform?

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look at the top where it says Browse. select Games and at the top right click Add New Game 
edit: oh.. i see. like the people below me said, you cannot add plaforms. is the ipod touch / iphone even a platform on GB? 

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i don't think you can add platforms

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@onimonkii said:

" i don't think you can add platforms "

This needs to called to the attention of the mods
 @Turbo_Toaster:   I think he's online......
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@RHCPfan24  I know he's online   
Can you add Ipad to the Wiki

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@Coombs:  Just typing @username won't send anyone a PM. You have to actually click on a reply button to do that.
Anyway, mods cannot add new platforms. You'll have to contact a staff member (Jeff usually handles this sort of stuff) to get a platform created.
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I did not know either of those things, Thanks for the heads up.
 @Jeff: Could you add this for Brotes_muse?   Thanks.