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On the guides page, there doesn't seem to be a way to browse guides that aren't either "Recently Added" or "Most Popular" at all.

Am I missing something really evident? I'm looking for a guide which, if I recall correctly, was one of the first ones submitted (or one of the first popular ones) that walked one through connecting all sorts of controllers to a PC or something. Specifically, I was wondering what PS3 controller drivers it recommended - so if anyone has any good drivers to recommend you could do that too. That would be nice.

I would like to read that guide again though. I'm not sure just how many different controllers it covered, so I'm curious.

EDIT: FUCK, I forgot to change this from "General Discussion". I meant to post this on "Editing & Tools", so if a Moderator reads this, please be so kind as to move it there. Thanks in advance. Thanks.

EDIT 2: Found it! Here it is. I had to use Google though (link to the search). There's probably (or at least there should be) a way to search for Guides on Giant Bomb though, so if someone could answer my question that would be cool. Thanks.

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hey man thanks for sharing this, I never read that guide! very cool.

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As always, they are available on the Guides landing page, the pages of the games it's attached to (only games), and the profile of the author(s). If it's not attached to any particular game and you don't know the author, it might as well not exist because Giant Bomb will not help you find it.