#51 Posted by Vandal (96 posts) -

Good to see being helpfull will be rewarded, look forward to watching the site grow

#52 Posted by spiceninja (3062 posts) -

I tried to add a page that didn't come up in search. After I looked around a little more I noticed that you did have it. So now I know to look in "Alphabetical" and not "Most Popular". I won't be making that mistake again :).

#53 Posted by blizzvalve (128 posts) -

Alright I finally know that there are more games listed than on the "Most Importan" List. Alright, I'll do my best with working on the game wikis

#54 Posted by Aarny91 (3912 posts) -

I'll most likely not add anything then..

#55 Posted by capitanm1 (205 posts) -

Well these style of forums are new to me... No complaints though, I can handle it.

#56 Posted by khit (150 posts) -

Giant Bomb!

#57 Posted by Why_So_Serious (803 posts) -

I like the personal editing where people can submit edits themselves. I have already added a game request and edit some other games. They are all pendig but if they are accpeted I have at least 200 points or so. I love this new site and hope to maybe become a mod when they start looking at the community for help. Long shot I know!

#58 Posted by zitosilva (1840 posts) -

I have one question, how mindful must we be about spoilers? See, for example, I just read Cloud Strife bio, and depending on how you see it, that could be considered spoilers. Not only that, but I've seen some game pages that contain photos of the game's ending. So that's why I'm at loss here. If I submit a character bio, or a game story, can I go make a draft of the whole thing, or should I avoid talking about things that are only presented later in the game?

#59 Posted by truebornracer (103 posts) -

Thanks for the info, now back to finishing all the Mass Effect characters.

#60 Posted by Scorched (691 posts) -

thanks for the help

#61 Posted by KEITH1437 (276 posts) -

I sometimes, post and I screw up and it posts my submissions twice. That's not bad is it?

#62 Posted by theycallmeryan (100 posts) -

Thanks for clearing that up. I'd love to be a mod but you probably won't read this lol :P.

#63 Posted by _F_ (32 posts) -

Why does this site look so much like gamespot?

#64 Posted by Lukasz (17 posts) -

The system makes good sense ...

#65 Posted by _F_ (32 posts) -

Wow this site is really slow :?

#66 Posted by Masc0t (69 posts) -

Sounds like a plan :)

#67 Posted by DoomToaster (36 posts) -

Cool. By the way, let us know when you're looking for moderators. I'd like to volunteer.

#68 Posted by mikevanpwn (401 posts) -

Can we get docked for edits?  Just a few minutes ago I tried uploading three Breath of Fire III screenshots.  Well two uploaded then the 3rd was replaced with a NES screenshot I uploaded earlier.  I assume its a glitch but will the mods ignore this in the approval process and just approve the other two or will they dock points if something is wrong?

I didnt do it on purpose but it looks rather weird in my queue. lol

#69 Posted by Charleslegrand (186 posts) -

Thanks for the info.  Will do my best to remember it all

#70 Posted by gold_n_eye (82 posts) -

Sounds great! To reply to the high demand, I would also like seperate forums for each gaming console. That way, it will keep the forums more organised and easier to search.

#71 Posted by Cube_of_MooN (32 posts) -

I'm still lost and confused. Oh well, I guess I'll figure it out eventually.

#72 Posted by Lolzhacked (84 posts) -

This will come in handy, thank you for posting this FAQ

#73 Posted by JIT3893 (63 posts) -

Ok, I think I'm good to go thanks!

#74 Posted by IndieBoy (109 posts) -

Thanks, really cleared some things up for me

#75 Posted by ThePeoplesChamp (16 posts) -

Can someone message me on how I get points I dont understand :(

#76 Posted by Samanshii (9 posts) -

The FAQ was helpful, thanks kindly.

As much as I'd like to start digging away at the site right now, perhaps I'll reign in my enthusiasm.   (Not that I'd have much to offer outside of doujin soundtrack information.)

#77 Posted by dabada (109 posts) -

I sure wish there was a way to delete a pending submission. I made an embarrassing mistake, and I wish I could save you the time of rejecting it.

#78 Posted by viraj (58 posts) -

thanks for posting it  man

#79 Posted by BennytheDroid (24 posts) -

Getting the free reign edit powers with 1000 points seems like a pretty big social experiment on the part of Giant Bomb.  And one that assumes a good deal of faith in people and the internet.

#80 Posted by OpusAngelorum (47 posts) -

The idea of the points system is great, it should encourage people to participate more in the community and take an active interest in the content.

The only concern I have (and one that already seems apparent) is that some people just want to increase their point count for the sake of it.

#81 Posted by Captain_Insano (1540 posts) -
riverbridge said:
"I'm unsure letting people do live edits when they get 1000 points. That can be abused, but I guess anything can be. But is that the only thing points will be used for?"
That's a good question and I wouldn't mind knowing the answer myself. I'm sure that the admin could still moderate and control the pages once the 1000 points has been achieved by us regular people. There has to be a system where we can alert the admin and Giantbomb crew to any abuse of power, such as changing Resident Evil 4's details to a Role Playing Driving Simulator. And if it appears as though power has been intentionally abused, there could be a docking of points or rank to 'discourage' such future behaviour
#82 Posted by zeus_gb (595 posts) -

Thanks for the info.

#83 Posted by CountYourBlessings (166 posts) -

thanks for clearing it up I was real worried why some of my submissions were rejected but I can see I "borrowed from wiki" Sorry for wasting your time guys. I'll produce my own overviews now.

#84 Posted by Jordan23 (1000 posts) -

I really like this idea, it keeps your community happy (you don't want an angry mob).

#85 Posted by Hamz (6846 posts) -

Cheers for clarifying a few issues i had with how to gain points, currently have...4 in total :O!

#86 Posted by Grambyte (104 posts) -

Good to know. One question though; If an accepted picture gets removed from your personal images page/gallery, will it be removed from the Wiki as well?

#87 Posted by naju890_963 (17 posts) -

could you make moderations a bit rare. some peaple on other site get banned right away

#88 Posted by Kermit (14 posts) -

Thank you for clarification.

#89 Posted by MrZeal (84 posts) -

That makes things a little more clear. Thxs!


#90 Posted by Chokobo (1228 posts) -

I'm wondering how you guys will fix an issue about more than one person trying to add items to a page between the first submission and the time that it is posted.  For example, I added Micromanagement to Company of Heroes and it was up there this morning, but I have not received points for it, so I assume someone else did it before me, but I can assume that it is still a pending submission.  Are you going to add a queue to each page to save our time and yours orsomething?  thanks.

#91 Posted by Rowr (5660 posts) -

I noticed you can view your submissions pending, If i make a mistake with a submission, is there a way to delete it from the queue? Would be handy for everyone.

My first submission was to suggest that STALKER was the first game with a day night cycle, when i was trying to work out where to add games for a concept.

#92 Posted by Ninja_Rebel (2 posts) -

well, this did answer some of my questions I am mainly just wondering how exactly the points work....

#93 Posted by DarkLegend (1387 posts) -

Sounds fair to me.

#94 Posted by RedSox8933 (2428 posts) -

thanks snide for clearing this up

#95 Edited by Djratchet (669 posts) -

We need to have a way to cancel our pending wiki requests. I requested that Phoenix Wright should be added and then looked again and then saw he was there. xD

I feel stupid, and I would like to get rid of that request. lol

#96 Posted by Thomas_Crown (39 posts) -

Okay... Shouldn't be too hard to follow such understanble rules. :)

#97 Posted by Sentry (4197 posts) -

You know what I would like, how about on the games page, a section called 'Pending Submissions,' where we may view all the submissions (images and information), so that we dont send in a submission when someone else has already done so, know what I mean?

I think that would help a ton. That, and canceling a submission, for people who might have messed up..

#98 Posted by blizzvalve (128 posts) -

I have submissions that re coming to the 24 hour mark and they still haven't been checked. Are you short of support or something because it's really taking a long time

#99 Posted by redgauss (131 posts) -

Q: can users lose points?

#100 Edited by KEITH1437 (276 posts) -
Sentry said:
I think that would help a ton. That, and canceling a submission, for people who might have messed up..
I've already messed up a ton.