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I'm trying to get a game approved on Twitch, and apparently they use the Giantbomb list of games as a reference. However, they won't use a game that is listed as a "Stub page", which currently is the status of the game I'm trying to add. So, how to I make it more official? How do I make it a non stub page?

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There is nothing on our end that categorizes a wiki page as a "Stub". That must be something on Twitch's end. You'd have to ask them about that.

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When i go to the game page on the Giantbomb website, currently it says this: "This wiki page is a stub. Hit the edit button above to add to this article."

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What game?

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Fates Forever

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@talethia: Add some descriptive content about the game and don't just copy/paste it from some other site. Look around at other pages here and follow their general style.

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Alright sumbitted some more content. Hopefully that will help! Thanks.

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Oh, that's just the default text that appears on an empty page. If you edit it, that text will go away.

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@talethia: I just put something there, it's no longer a stub.

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Awesome, thanks!

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How long does it normally take to get approved?

I added some details of my Blob From Space game and i'm now waiting to get is approved so the page won't be a stub page so I can add it to Twitch as well.

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@josplays: It looks to me like maybe your edits are there now?

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Yep thanks for responding :)