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For future reference is there anyway for someone to undo a mistake when they edit a wiki besides the obvious save your work method?

I say this cause after putting much work into the wiki an hour or so of editing and revising I accidently hit Ctrl+X and cut the whole the fucking page off only leaving the already present overview section, which as you can imagine would piss anyone off.And after a hundred attempts of Ctrl+Z/Y I could not recover my work, not a single piece.Which drove me nuts as I did extensive editing on a mostly fresh page.Now I feel inclined to never touch this wiki page again after so much frustration which is a shame as I wanted a more up to date wiki page for the people. Is there some obscure keyboard combination I'm missing?Or is there no hope for my future stupidity?

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This should probably be in Editing and Tools.

And as far as I know, there isn't. Hopefully in the redesign.

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@iAmJohn:Yeah I guess I couldn't decide but I was pretty aggravated and just put it here.I guess someone could put it in Editing & Tools it seems more appropiate.

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What about Ctrl-V, to paste back what you cut out?

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@Agent47: unfortunately none that I'm aware of. Having done exactly what you did in the past all I can suggest is do your editing in a word processor and when you are done CTrl+v it over to the wiki-editor for pics and formatting.

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I've had this happen, too. Unfortunately the best advice seems to be to just save more often. Hopefully the foreshadowed sight redesign will make the editor play nicer.

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@LordAndrew:Ugh I hope that's not true cause I would feel like a fucking dumbass.I mashed away Ctrl+Z/Y hoping for something, then I blew up in rage.

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I've done this before too, it sucks.....working separately from a word document then copying and pasting it over is a safer way to do it, the formatting will probably be wonky when you paste it over but its fixable.