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The iPod platform is supposed to cover games for the iPod Classic only, but it looks like people have been adding iPhone games as well, since they can be play on the iPod Touch. Identifying whether a game actually came out on the iPod Classic is a pain. Can I get some help identifying which ones don't belong? Game Dev Story was a pretty obvious one, but they're not all that obvious.

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I added a bunch of iPod games to the site a while ago. I only added the games found on Apple.com here:
  http://www.apple.com/games/ipod/ (Note that they put a subtitle after the colon of every game title that is not part of the actual name. You can see the same list without the subtitle on any game page such as this one on the bottom right)
I'm not sure but I believe this is the entire list. I think it would be safe to remove any game not on that list because it's probably all of them. 

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It says those are "featured" games. According to that though, the rest should be on iTunes. Unfortunately, I don't seem to have iTunes installed on this computer. I'll get on that and see what I can do about it.

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I checked iTunes and it appears that the only games on there that weren't on Apple.com were the "SAT Prep" ones, which I added a while back. So I'm pretty confident this is the full list of games. 

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Hang on! I checked MobyGames and GameFAQs (anything pre-2008 is definitely iPod Classic) to see what's listed there, and it seems to there are more games than just the SAT Prep titles that are absent on Apple.com. Peggle stands out to me as an obvious one that should be listed, but for some reason isn't. So we can't rely completely on that. But at least we have two more resources to work from now.

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Ok so I just cleaned up the platform page. I'll try to the find missing games but at least now all the non ipod games are gone.
Peggle isn't on iTunes because it's no longer availble for purchase. The same for Zuma and Bejeweled. But the pages are still up on the Apple site. I guess Popcap pulled their games.