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The sort of deal where characters will guest-star in other games, notably fighting games, before their own début flagship title. It came to mind when of course we saw that Ninja Theory Dante is all-but-confirmed to star in Playstation All-Stars, which is set to release before DmC, but that also then reminded me of Starkiller who first appeared in Soul Calibur IV before The Force Unleashed.

Are there any other such examples? Because at this point, since Dante isn't officially confirmed, I don't think it's appropriate to create this page just for Starkiller. And even still, what would you call it? And oh, but of course most important of all, would this even fit as a concept page anyway or is it something left for the game, character, or guest character page instead?

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i don't think this is common enough for it to warrant a concept page, if frequency is something that goes into the thought process of making a concept page. this is the first time i've heard of something like this. although with a game like Playstation All-Stars, what's a guest character and what isn't?

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Interesting idea. Can't think of any examples other than those you listed though.

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I don't think a separate concept needs to be made for this, it can be explained within the Guest Character article.

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There are only 10 games on the guest character page. And the page you propose will have less.

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I think it's not nearly common enough to justify a separate page.

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@LordAndrew said:

I think it's not nearly common enough to justify a separate page.

Ironically, my request to delete a concept that was only used in one game (a system found in Demon's Souls and no other game) was denied because it doesn't need to appear in multiple games. see here.

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You could call it a Cameo Debut.

Both of those words suck for portmanteaus.

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@DeF: World Tendency is a unique named system. The concept proposed here is a small subset of an existing concept, an existing concept that doesn't have many associations to begin with. It also doesn't have an accepted name, decreasing the odds of someone finding it even if they wanted to find it.

This variation can easily be explained in one or two sentences on the Guest Character page, with all two examples named in prose.

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What about characters like Yoshi who show up in other games before getting their own, named games? Or does that break down because both games are from the same franchise?