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There's an awful lot of games that get lost in the wiki because no one would know to look for them.

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The search bar? Or is that too obvious?

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Well, sure, if you know you're looking for Kaizo Chojin Shibibinman Zero. But what if you're looking for games with super heroes, maybe on the SNES? Or if you're looking for games with Geiger's Alien inspired bosses, from the 90s? Unknown games without concepts attached to them are not going to get noticed.

Wait, actually there is no concept for Geiger's Alien knockoffs. Hmmmm. I wonder what a good title for that would be.

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A wild LordAndrew appears!

I produced some maintenance reports some time ago using the API. This could be a useful task to revive the project for. Note however that the list of results would be huge.