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I thought of a helpful tool that I always wish was implemented. On a game page, adding episode dates of the bombcast. This enables you to go back and hear what they had to say about a game if you waited a few months to get said game. I submitted it on two games and it was rejected. Seems like a useful bit of information. Anyone agree?

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It would be nice to have an extra section for it, like Videos is.

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It's useful, but I feel like if we wanted to include that on the wiki pages we would need to get uniformity and ensure that it's on every game page involved which is a pretty huge undertaking.

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wouldn't it be a lot of work to set up and maintain.

would it reference everytime a game was mentioned

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It should be in the right sidebar, not the body of the wiki. If they have the exact time they can input that too. It's a lot of work but that's no reason to say no to a great idea.

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Tying together game pages and podcasts is something that would have to be addressed on the engineering side. Ideally, you should be able to associate podcasts and pages just like you would associate any other two pages.