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hello everyone

since this is my first post on any forum ever allow me to briefly introduce myself

i am legs 0f steel i am from the netherlands and i have a job editing video content for companies and private clients

i also love games especially RPG's with huge story and character's like the witcher 2,borderlands series and the elder scrolls games

now to the point:

dispite my diverse taste i have been making fairly generic CoD commentary's and have gain a small subscriber base in the process

a few months ago i came across the ''totalhalibut'' channel i liked 80% of the stuff i saw so i subscribed

and slowly but surely i got informed about PC gaming,mods,indie games and good and bad ports

i bought a nice PC after that and started producing commentary's over PC games but i always felt that it was not suitable for that kind of game

last week i cancelled my pre-order for CoD black ops II and made a video where i said that i want to improve my content and that CoD is not the right game for that

i made a video about the new X-COM game and i tried really hard to explain why this game is so refreshing in todays scene

but it still feels wrong in some way i don't know how but i know i can and want to improve

could some of you take a peek at that X-COM video and maybe give me some criticism/feedback/tips on how to improve my content

because i get onnoyed at bad content so the idea that my content is maybe worse is wierd to me

thanks in advance and be honest i need this


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be honost i need this

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You can certainly improve your written content by learning what capitalization and punctuation are for.