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So I'm on the verge of scanning and uploading all these old game manuals since the art's pretty good and all that.... but I haven't seen any specific rules for them. I've already uploaded some pending their submission, and would like to know if its safe to just have them in the images sections for games, tagged appropriately.

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kewl... any games you want to name so I can check em out? (when they are up)

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So far Pocky & Rocky, and Zaxxon are up for submission. Once I get things cleared up I have a few dozen more from Atari-era games, NES games, and some SNES ones. Some of the Atari manuals have crazy late 70's-early 80's art!

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I think manual scans are copyright of the game publishers and can't be uploaded, similar to why magazine scans aren't allowed.

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Is there something interesting in the manual that you'd like to show? Or are you uploading the entire thing? Uploading the whole thing is a big no-no.

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Well most of the manuals themselves are pretty interesting, so I'm guessing my uploads are going to be denied. However I might as well see about uploading promotional art for the games, or even just the illustrations that were inside the manuals, would those be alright? Some of those Atari manuals have wicked art.

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@suigyoken: I can tell you from personal observation of a cease & desist letter, that copying manuals was the one thing that Nintendo, Sega, et al. were able to prosecute game rental stores over, during the 80s and 90s. Courts let stores rent out original carts, but violating copyright law to photocopy a manual which inevitably gets stolen didn't slide. This is why bigger national chains had the paraphrased quick summary of story and controls printed on a rental box.

Copyright applies to box art and disc/cart labels of course, but in the case of box art, that is a necessary showpiece in order to sell the game. It needs to be seen so people recognise the product. Counter-effective to prevent that.

Although... this brings up a meta-concept page I've wanted to pursue for a while... (Games with) Manuals with Note Pages. :)

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Luckily some of my submissions for cleaned up art and promotional materials went through, I generally got the idea when Jeff on a stream got excited when someone uploaded a manual to the site, and I thought to myself "why not?" Maybe someday when the copyrights expire... Yeah right. However I can see how cluttered the site would be if people like me just started to upload manuals left and right, but I guess that's why there's other websites dedicated for that sort of thing.