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The main thumbnail image for Metanet Software (the image above the core details for the studio) gives details for a company called Metanet based in Australia. The Metanet Software behind N and N+ is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I have removed the image from the company's image gallery but I cannot seem to correct this thumbnail. I do not have an adequate replacement.

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@Zvarri: This sort of thing belongs in the Images Fix Thread and you need 5000 Wiki points to edit those images.

I've changed it for you. If you can find a better replacement post in that thread or send me a PM.

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@SerHulse: Thanks! Evidently I should have looked harder for the right thread, sorry about that.

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@Zvarri: No problem, there are a group of us with 5000+ points that pay close attention to those threads for these sorts of issues.

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@Zvarri: Oh and yeah, those threads are all located in the Delete & Combine section of the forums.