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I haven't contributed much to the wiki as a GB community member, but I wanted to either start or contribute to a wiki page about MolyJam, as I was at the Los Angeles jam for the full 48 hours (as in I and 3 other people were there the entire time, sleeping bags and all). I was thinking that since the games are rather small and not associated with major publishers that we could go through the list of games and eventually (300 games is a lot to go through) have at least some screenshots, logos, the tweets they were associated with and lists of team members (possibly even stories that happened during development) for the games. Also, it could be organized by location and the games listed in alphabetical order under those headings.

So 2 questions, 1) How do I make the wiki page? (I assume moderators can create pages), and 2) Do you even care?


EDIT: Also, forgot that there was a board specifically for wiki stuff (Editing & Tools). If someone has the ability, can this be moved to the appropriate place for discussion? Sorry for the inconvenience. I hate wasting peoples' time.

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So this wiki page of yours, it would be a game page? Concept? Location page?

I don't agree with this idea, as I don't think we're listing *every game ever made* on this website, but if you want to make your idea appealing you should probably sort out the details. You seem to be kind of new here on the website - are you familiar with how the Wiki works?

A moderator has the ability to move threads to different boards.

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I don't think any of the molyjam games are notable enough to warrant their own pages. Molyjam itself probably isn't important enough either. Even game jams as big as ludum dare don't have a page. At best there could be a molyjam section added to the Peter Molyneux page. It wouldn't need to list every game and have screen shots but would need a history of the event, how it started, where it took place maybe even link to the pages of people who participated, etc. That's just my opinion though. I'm not a huge wiki editor myself so I'm sure other editors will have some thoughts on how to handle it.

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I'm not new to the wiki (I've been a GB user since it started), just new to how the pages are created in the first place.

As for what subject it would be and such, I wonder if in the future GB can create a new wiki category to include "Events" since there are many that are notable (as well as smaller ones like MolyJam) and so far are categorized as "Concept" wiki pages (as with E3 2010, 2011, etc).

In my opinion, events like game jams could be featured on a single wiki Concept page and do hold enough merit to at least have a "Game Jam" concept wiki page. We could, again, organize the jams and highlight their notability and links to official websites in subsections. I do agree that there are a lot of games produced in these and that most have little to no merit in mainstream or indie gaming (I do believe some produced are production quality - or nearly so), but I also think the efforts of groups of people to innovate by creating limited deadlines to discover or explore new gameplay mechanics and ideas is, of itself, merited and important to the game industry as a whole.

So, in short, sure, we don't need a page for each game jam, nor do we need to list every game created in them, but could we at least create a "Game Jam" concept page to compile a list of game jams that are either popular or that occur consistently (like annual game jams) and what kinds of games are produced or explored in each (as often game jams have a theme attached in order to have some amount of structure)?

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@superscott597 said:

As for what subject it would be and such, I wonder if in the future GB can create a new wiki category to include "Events" since there are many that are notable (as well as smaller ones like MolyJam) and so far are categorized as "Concept" wiki pages (as with E3 2010, 2011, etc).

I do agree with that I think. This whole thing of using Concept pages to have videogame events and what have you on the Wiki seems kinda clunky. It would be cool, in my opinion, to have a category in game pages tabbed as "Events" so that you'd know at which events a certain game was showcased. That would be particularly interesting for games that were a long time in development, so you'd see when it started being hyped by seeing its first conventions, then seeing conventions that were skipped and then seeing it show up again - or something like that. I'm going on a tangent here, but I think that would be a tiny bit of cool information.

However, we do not have that right now, and I have mixed feelings regarding your "Game Jam" concept page "workaround" for this. I mean, a list of game jams just sound a bit too meta to have in the WIki. Sure it's something that's related to games, but it kind of ends there. It would be kinda cool though. The concept of a game jam is a great idea in itself, and I guess it would be neat to have an index here on the site. So I stand divided.

Certainly a Wiki mod will know better whether or not that's an idea fit for the Giant Bomb Wiki.

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I still stand that events could be a good addition in the long run, but I do agree with you that a workaround could be making a category in the game page with a table of events it was featured at. I also think having "Game Jam" as its own concept page is proper in the spirit of the purpose of the wiki, as it is directly related to actually producing new games and possibly introducing future influential game designers and programmers (heck, one of the guys I worked at the game jam with is teaming up with me to make an indie studio, so we'll see where that takes us).

I also agree that a wiki Mod would better be able to decide what's best for the GB community and site as a whole. Perhaps even could chime in on this subject as well (with PAX this week, I doubt any of the higher ups would have time to resolve this).

Thanks for the lively discussion,

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Most of the games probably shouldn't get pages. But if some of them do end up on the iOS App Store like Patrick said, those would meet the eligibility requirements, and a Molyjam concept could perhaps be created to attach to the games and cover the event in general.
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You should just go ahead and make it as a concept. It was mentioned that a number of the games developed will be released on iOS, so once those games are released, they can be collected under the concept of the 2012 Molyjam. It's not that much terribly different than the Kickstarter funded page is, in concept. I'm sure Patrick and the rest of the bombsquad would approve as well.

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MolyJam 2012 is a valid concept.

To create a concept page, hover over the "browse" tab and click on "concepts" in the drop down box....you will be taken to a list of video game concepts, to the right of the page you should see a button that says "Add New Concept", click on that button and you will be directed from there.