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Hello everyone.

I recently made my account for GB and was hoping for tips & advice from all of you about how to blog here. The thing is I have never had my own blog on anything so even the most basic advice will be appreciated. If this question is too vague for some of you well just try to write whatever you think would help, good or bad. Thanks.

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write about jesus. everyone enjoy a good religious blog/topic

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Come up with a workable concept and keep at it?

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So does a blog have to be confined to specific concepts? Im a very random person, so is being random kinda taboo in the blogging world? Sorry for asking such noobish questions but I have no idea about this stuff.

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one thing that always makes people happy and will make you popular is to blog about how small your penis is.

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@GODWASP: I wouldn't say you have to use the same theme all the time. While I usually blog about the games I've been playing during the week, I also bring up other things that I'm interested in (when I think of enough to go on). Just talk about what you're interested in and you may find that others are interested in the same things. I think personality makes a blog unique.

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: length or width? do you think they have any preferences?

: Cheers that was really helpful, btw EVIL DEAD RULES!!!

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@Video_Game_King said:

Come up with a workable concept and keep at it?

I'm working on that now!

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Which one?

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@Bell_End said:

write about jesus. everyone enjoy a good religious blog/topic

Don't forget to visit Off-Topic if you're having relationship problems! We've got some real experts in that field posting there.

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@Video_Game_King said:


Which one?

He's the king of Mars and will post all sorts of Martian-related bullshit now :P

Actually that would be awesome, too. Please steal that idea.

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He has no royal title; he cannot be King. , on the other hand...

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Blog about whatever you want as long as you follow the forum rules. Either people like you work or they don't.

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@Video_Game_King said:


Which one?

Saved By Boredom. I talk about Rage and how great it is in my Origins episode.

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@Video_Game_King said:


He has no royal title; he cannot be King. , on the other hand...

Valid point. I guess I just want to see a literal royal rumble in blog format.

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has a knight's avatar from Master of Magic, so I guess our Temple of Elemental Evil blogs count. (I totally won that, by the way; there's no way you can beat "looting a Balor and then killing St. Cuthbert".)

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@GODWASP: Welcome to the forums!

The only advice I can give is to write because you want to write, not because you feel obligated. I rarely write blogs myself, so I can only talk as a reader of them, but I enjoy reading blogs where the excitement shines through. Topic isn't necessarily important, as long as you're stoked about what you're sharing.

Oh, and think about formatting. Punctuation matters, as does paragraphs. No one's gonna read a wall of text, so put some spaces into your writing. Give us readers room to breathe, as we ponder your carefully crafted... ummm... stuff.

But don't put

too much space in


That'll just look stupid.

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Write about what you want to, it's your blog. As long as you format it correctly and write clearly you should be fine. But with GB, be aware that this is a site about video games (Giant Bomb: It's a website, about video games!) so keeping it relevant is a good idea. That doesn't mean you can't branch it out either though. I personally don't blog on here, but good luck dude!

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Cheers for the help guys. Hoping people enjoy my bullshit haha.

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@GODWASP: of course both!

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@GODWASP: It depends on what your goal with the blog is, but generally just write whatever you want. Eventually if you want to find success, you'll either need to find a niche that serves an interest, or just be so compelling in your writing style that people will eventually read about anything you have to say or vent about. 9,999/10,000 though, people won't really care or just won't bother reading it, so be prepared. As long as you're just writing for yourself and not an audience, it shouldn't bother you. That way if you do happen across something that piques the interest of others, that's just gravy.

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@GODWASP: No probs. I'm still finding my feet blog-wise myself, but I'm glad the advice was useful.

...and yes, Evil Dead rules! (particularly the 2nd film) :D

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@onan ya mate im not hoping to get fans out of it, but thanks thats a lot of really good advice.

Army of Darkness right?

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@GODWASP: Army of Darkness was the third film (but it's my second favourite). Evil Dead II: Dead By Dawn is kind of a remake of the first film, but it's pretty different. I didn't think much of the first film, but the second is one of my favourite films of all time. Absolutely hilarious in parts...and awesome.

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Look at other bloggers and copy their style.