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So apparently Dead or Alive 5 : Ultimate is a thing according to this leak from Famitsu in japan:


Not much is really known outside of Momiji and a New Ninja Gaiden 2 themed stage (complete with the Giant Bhudda from NG2) is making its way into the game. My question being if this just ends up being a re-release with DLC packed in along with a new character/stage is it worth its own page? Or should I just add to the existing Dead or Alive 5 page?

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@demoskinos: http://www.giantbomb.com/dead-or-alive-5-ultimate/3030-42599/

someone already pulled the trigger ... I guess re-releases of fighting games get added somewhat automatically with complete disregard of the "does it need its own page" notion.

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I would say it gets its own page.