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Upon examining the Wiki Queue for the last week or so I have noticed that the Giant Bomb Wiki editing community is a little confused on what to title wiki entries for games that come from Japan. As such after corresponding with the staff I have create these rules, which the staff have agreed upon as appropriate, as a guide for the Giant Bomb database:

  1. The title on the American box (if there has been a US release) should be the title for the wiki entry. The game titles and release date information should be for the American audience.
  2. NEVER use Kanji for the game title or on release information. Even on Japanese only releases.
  3. If there is an accepted English translation via the publisher then go with that and add the Kanji name as an alias.
  4. If there is not an English translation via the publisher then go with a Romanized title and have the Kanji name as an alias.
  5. DO NOT use fan translations for wiki titles. They can be added as aliases if appropriate.

I and the staff realize that there are many wiki entries which are currently in violation with these rules. No users will be punished for this. However editing Wiki titles and release information to comply with these rules and new style guide would be greatly appreciated. These rules are open to debate and improvement on any flaws is happily welcomed.

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So Seiken Densetsu 3 remains Seiken Densetsu 3? hooray. My rule would be this: go with what's on the title screen or the box or whatever. It works a lot of the time.

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Out of curiosity, what's the rule on macrons in titles and articles? Different romanization systems represent long vowels in Japanese differently and a lot of academic sources employ macrons in textbooks. For example, the official Okami page has the title written with a macron (Ōkami), with the non-macron version being listed simply as an alias. I ask simply for future reference since, as a Japanese speaker, there are certainly occasions when I have to transliterate Japanese titles for new games I'm putting in the database into romanized versions and the approach to "proper spelling" can vary depending on the system used. I imagine for the sake of not breaking the search, macrons shouldn't be used, but I thought I should check.

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@Pepsiman:  In that case, Ōkami is on the US box and title screen, so that's kinda just the title, period. In a case where you're actually forced into translating it yourself, I don't know what the rules would be.
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@Pepsiman:  Macrons are no different to tremas and umlauts, they are permitted on Wiki titles if they are seen on the box of the American release. However the title without the macron should always be added as an alias.
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@ZombiePie said:

  I and the staff realize

The staff and I
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@Sumbog:  I've done worse. Now that you have pointed that out I'm not going to change it.
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 I am also adding new Japanese titles often enough to have an opinion on the matter, and I think having rules for this is excellent. 
 Normally I would also want to settle on a single transliteration system to use constantly, much like Wikipedia does (I'd say some sort of modified Hepburn, probably), but it's not as simple as it first seems. I like my long vowels as double english characters, but still transliterate Tokyo and not Toukyou. Katakana English words are also on a case by case basis - I just know what sounds good to me in a particular title, but can't put my finger on why that is.

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Good to know ZombiePie. I must say I was a little unclear on the rules myself.

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In regards to Japanese titles, it's important to note that there's also a technical reason to never use kanji or kana for the page name: If there are no alphanumeric characters in the name, a URL cannot be created and the page will become inaccessible.
As for points 4 and 5, does Giant Bomb's search even work with kanji and kana? Or is this just for gotta-put-that-Japanese-title-somewhere purposes rather than search purposes?

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@LordAndrew:  You are correct, the search engine cannot detect Kanji. The staff feel however having the Kanji or Kana titles somewhere may prove fruitful though.
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@ZombiePie said:
" @LordAndrew:  You are correct, the search engine cannot detect Kanji. The staff feel however having the Kanji or Kana titles somewhere may prove fruitful though. "
If the search can't detect them, though, wouldn't it be more helpful to have the romaji as an alias?
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@Video_Game_King: Put in both if appropriate. The rules are about what to put as the main wiki title. If it is pertinent to have the romanized title as an alias then do it.
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@Video_Game_King: If you want to have the Japanese title as the page name and break access to the page permanently, that's your business I guess.
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Good, I'm glad there is some sort of policy now. I agree with the idea of putting the kanji titles in as an alias, but the primary title should at least be a transliteration. I had been using kana titles on the releases page, but I'll refrain from doing so from now on.