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Users sometimes post polls that ask questions that may be relevant in the future as well, but to be relevant would need to be re-polled. An example is this very recent thread created that asks: Which console supports best multiplayer? In the future when someone has this question they may find this poll but realize it's outdate, and if they were to want an accurate representation of the community they would either have to re-create the thread or revive this one and use comments only...

My solution to this is to implement a "Save results & reset poll" feature to poll threads. Once reset, the current date & results are saved & displayed underneath the poll permanently. Every time the creator resets it the current date & results are added beneath the old saved results. It would also bump the thread so that the community may participate in the poll once again and users may see the current consensus.

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While we're suggesting adding stuff to polls, there should also really be a 'see results' option.

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@ajamafalous: I like the idea, as long as the user has to use his poll ticket to see it (what with the nature of blind polls). That way once the user that doesn't have an answer selects that option, it doesn't skew the percentages of the other options (a la the current method of including a "want to see results" answer).