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The Tales of Maj'Eyal screenshot gallery is mostly comprised of images from a two-year old version of the game, a very old beta in which the graphics and interface had yet to be really worked on.

I added one new screenshot of the full-release interface, but Dave Snider's old screenshots are still there and give a much poorer impression of the game from its beta.

I'd like to remove the old screenshots outright, but if that isn't possible, what would be my best option?

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I retagged them as beta screenshots. They remain in the gallery, but they will no longer appear under the screenshots tag.

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Can we seriously no longer delete images from a wiki page's gallery? First image in the P4A2 gallery is a known fake and I'd want it deleted, but there's no option for it.

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@fluxwavez: Ah sorry, didnt realize it was fake. Since it was uploaded on my end, maybe I can delete it?

EDIT: It can't be deleted, what gives?

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