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Maybe i'm just not finding it, but is there no team-level equivalent of the 'Player 99' concept? I tried searching everything i thought it might be under but could find nothing. I also couldn't find anything that looked like a match when looking at games i feel demonstrate this concept.

What the concept is exactly:

The original Tecmo Bowl for example, had NFLPA licenesing (the PA stand for 'Players Association') but not NFL licensing. The same is true for NHLPA Hockey 93.

In these games you have rosters of real players, but the teams themselves are generic location teams. So the Chicago Bears simply become 'Chicago' with uniforms that look realistic. Tecmo Bowl even goes as far as to create fictional helmet designs for their NFL stand-in teams. They are undoubtedly technically not the NFL licensed teams they are clearly representing.

This also becomes a real gray area with some soccer games where the national teams are unlicensed. It's usually as petty a not being able to display a country's official soccer organization logo, since there is nothing that can be done (apparently) to stop a game from calling a team full of English players 'England' even when unlicensed. In those cased the nation's flag is used to represent them.

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create it. seems like you've done the research and there really isn't such a concept (which is not unlikely)

go make yourself a page :)

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@cthomer5000: I could've sworn this had come up before, but I can't find a page either. As for the name, I'd go with Fictional Teams. Unlicensed Teams could be interpreted as real teams that were used without the proper license.

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